Narodowy Panel badawczy



Narodowy Panel badawczy (National Research Panel) is a tool used to obtain data on the opinions, preferences or sentiments of a selected segment of people. A research panel consists of a selected group of respondents who are able to provide data on a specific problem or topic. A survey panel is particularly useful in marketing research, as it allows companies to gather data from people who are engaged with their products and services, as well as to understand how users perceive their brand and what features they find most appealing. The National Research Panel can be used for various types of research, including consumer preference and opinion research, advertising effectiveness research, brand perception research, product social impact research and more. The Research Panel can be used to conduct surveys, interviews and questionnaires, as well as to conduct experiments. The research panel can also be used to collect market data, such as information on prices, competition, consumer behavior, etc. The research panel is very useful for companies because it allows them to obtain data on a wide range of topics. The National Research Panel consists of several accounts:


Account of the client ordering the research:
To use the survey panel, the customer creates an account on the panel. The client can create surveys, place survey orders and monitor progress. In addition, he can see reports and statistics about his surveys. With the click of a mouse, the client can deploy a representative sample based on a selected location, whether it’s a region of all of Poland, selected provinces or smaller towns. The functionality is available through the CSO API.


Account of a panelist completing surveys:
A panelist is a person who completes surveys in a research panel. A panelist can register and be invited to complete a survey. After completing the survey, the panelist is paid. The panelist also fills out a very large number of profiling surveys, so we can complete surveys in a selected targeet, e.g. gender, age, province and definitely deeper. Media, electronics, sports, hobbies, health, automotive and much more. After receiving responses from panelists, quantitative data is collected and processed to generate reports and statistics. The quantitative data is used to determine consumer preferences, trends and other important information.


Reports and statistics After the survey:
Reports and statistics are prepared for the client. The reports and statistics contain information on panelists’ responses, such as answers to the question, frequency of opinions expressed and survey results.


Fieldstat owns its own research panel called the Narodowy panel Badawczy. Our panel is very powerful, offering a powerful number of profile variables. We offer clients Full Service or Sample Only service, which involves redirecting panelists to the client’s server. Market research is conducted by our panel to obtain information on consumer preferences and trends. Our panel is used to create surveys, collect quantitative data and report statistics.