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Agricultural market research provides a better understanding of the needs and requirements that farmers have for the machinery, feed, fertilizers and products they use on a daily basis, and can help to better understand market needs, identify new product and service opportunities, and understand the competition. Market research in the agricultural industry covers a wide range of activities.

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Why conduct agricultural research?

Agricultural market research can help a company identify new opportunities and introduce highly efficient products and services. Market research can also help companies increase profits and be successful in the long term. Agricultural market research can also help reduce the risks associated with introducing new products or services. Agricultural market research can also help identify potential customers, create effective marketing and advertising, introduce new products and services, and strengthen customer loyalty. Agricultural market research can also help increase public engagement and understanding of customer needs. Agricultural market research is the key to success for any agricultural business. Market research in the agriculture industry is very important from the point of view of modern agricultural policy so important are technological and agrotechnical advances that directly affect the efficiency of this branch of the economy. Market research in the agriculture industry includes reports on agricultural machinery and also agricultural machinery market size, market value, market trends, market share of various players and profiles of major players. Market research in the agriculture industry is carried out through qualitative research as well as quantitative marketing research. The report also includes a brief overview relating to Polish agriculture and a description of legal regulations related to, for example, importing agricultural goods or machinery into Poland. Agricultural market research allows companies to better understand the market and adapt their product and service to consumer needs.

The subject of market research in Agriculture

The subject of the market research in agriculture is a detailed analysis of farms through an interview with the target research group, i.e. farmers. The study includes both agricultural machinery, i.e. tractors, harvesters, mowers, forage harvesters, presses, sprayers), i.e. manufacturers of tractors, agricultural machinery, tools and equipment that are used in animal or plant production, storage and processing of agricultural agricultural products and interchangeable parts for these means. Agricultural market research includes distributors of agricultural equipment and corresponding interchangeable parts for them, entrepreneurs who provide mechanization and transportation services to farms. All activities of the market in Agriculture are primarily aimed at supporting the development and promotion of Polish agricultural industries.

CATI and CAWI surveys in agriculture

Surveys are divided into many types, depending on the criterion of how we obtain the data. Among the most popular are the traditional survey method, CATI and CAWI, which is a survey using the Internet. These research techniques are used to analyze a powerful and important branch of the Polish economy, which is agriculture. CATI survey method in agriculture is a system which provides data in a simple and quick way and eliminates the risk of obtaining incomplete and low-value answers which are properly rotated thanks to this method. CATI surveys make it possible to reach hard-to-reach groups of respondents such as farmers. CAWI surveys are online surveys in which farmers or people associated with the agricultural industry fill out an electronic survey questionnaire. These are very professional and reliable reports which have the additional advantage of relatively low cost of implementation. Cooperation with us is based on three simple steps:

Cooperation in 3 easy steps
Contact Us by phone or email, in further steps we will guide you through the implementation process.
We will build a research methodology tailored to the project, implement the survey, and handle the analysis.
You will receive a comprehensive report on the survey that solves your methodological problem.

Advantages of agricultural market research

The advantages of market research in agriculture are many. Multidimensional data analysis in agriculture Analysis of this information can help reduce business risks. It allows you to realistically assess opportunities and possibilities for business development in agriculture. By systematizing the data, it is possible to provide managers at various levels with tools to help make rational economic decisions. The study of the agricultural market shows the cause-effect relationships between the observed phenomena. It is an effective method to exclude making a wrong economic decision. Agricultural market research contributes to the growth of branding and marketing in the agricultural sector. Agricultural market research is a very simple and effective analysis that does not require a lot of money.

Agricultural Research in Fieldstat

Agricultural research in our Fieldstat research studio through many years of experience has greatly developed Polish agricultural research. The studies prepared by our Fieldstat studio are characterized by professionalism combined with language that is accessible to each recipient. We also prepare analyses for the internal needs of business entities, political or business circles. For research on agriculture, we use the methods of surveys conducted by telephone and online panel research is a field of exchange of experiences and factual discussion on the development of Polish agriculture and the challenges it faces. The materials that our Fieldstat provides enable a better understanding of what challenges the Polish countryside is facing. Our cooperation with the scientific community allows us to obtain specialized knowledge of agriculture in Poland. Conducting research at our company will help identify potential customers, understand their preferences for products and services, and learn what their buying requirements are. Research can also help determine what products and services are available in the agricultural market, as well as how our products can compete with other suppliers. Agricultural market research can help determine the best marketing strategies to help attract new customers and retain current ones. Conducting agricultural market research with our company will provide you with important information and knowledge that will be crucial in understanding the market and increasing our competitiveness.

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