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These are specific target groups of participants, gathered on a single online platform. Such a community, established for a period ranging from a week to a dozen or even several dozen months, fulfills various research objectives at both the strategic and operational levels. Registered respondents participate in various forms of market research ranging from quantitative to qualitative.


The use of online communities

Online community research helps companies understand their market, get to know their consumers better and have more insight into their preferences. Online community research allows companies to provide effective and personalized services that meet the expectations of their consumers. Online community surveys are useful for many purposes. They help companies identify and better understand their target markets, verify the scope of products and services, study user preferences and needs, and conduct surveys of customer sentiment and satisfaction levels. Online community surveys can also help companies evaluate a brand and the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns, determine and compare product and service performance results, monitor and analyze the impact of social media posts, and use the data to create intelligent reports. Companies use online community research to increase brand trust and build strong relationships with consumers who are able to influence the entire market. With online community research, companies can respond effectively and quickly to the needs and preferences of their consumers. Online community research helps companies develop effective marketing strategies and conduct effective advertising campaigns. Online community surveys are one of the most effective tools for collecting data and information on consumer needs and preferences. They can be used for a number of purposes, including defining the target audience, identifying and better understanding the market, identifying and testing new products and services, and monitoring the impact of social media posts. All of these factors make online community research an essential component of any successful marketing strategy.

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If you want to know what customers and consumers think about your brand and products, you should trust professionals. Professionals in market research and online communities have the knowledge and experience you need to effectively understand and engage consumers. Their efforts can provide you with the best results and contribute significantly to your brand’s success. Choose professionals and enjoy the results you get.

Methods and elements that make up the community

There are two methods; qualitative methods – research methods in which numerical parameters characterizing the studied phenomenon or research object are not specified, and quantitative methods – research methods , in which numerical parameters are specified, characterizing the studied phenomenon or research object. The Research Community is formed by the Platform Respondents Community Manager and the moderator. Online communities are characterized by many advantages: They speed up the implementation of research processes. They enable faster consumption of results. They provide a chance to deepen the obtained information in the direction required by the research orderer. Access to participants’ statements in real time during the project gives the opportunity to get answers even without waiting for the research report summarizing the process. They give managers the opportunity to see without having to get up from behind their desks, whether on a computer or mobile device , the world of consumers. They make it easier for senior management to access consumers through automated mechanisms, notifications.


Due to its flexibility and variability, online research communities, can be a support in identifying and solving business and marketing problems in any economic and social branch. You are cordially invited to inquire about the implementation of online research communities with the help of an experienced Fieldstat social and marketing research implementation company.

Online communities in Fieldstat

Fieldstat research agency professionally deals with qualitative and quantitative online community research methods. We have our own platform in this way our clients, consumers or other members of the research can participate in the study for specific criteria. We have extensive knowledge and experience in managing user groups in various online communities. We are familiar with effective methods of communicating and engaging users, making our surveys reliable and highly credible. Our services are used by companies that want to better understand the needs of their customers and potential customers. We also support our clients in creating strategies that use the results of our research. We are able to provide the highest quality of our services at competitive prices. Our experience and professionalism make our clients satisfied with our services. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and effective partner for online community research, trust Fieldstat.

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