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focus groups in poland

Focus groups in Poland are a qualitative research method used to study a group’s perspectives and experiences on a given topic. Focus groups are used to conduct a focus study as one of the techniques of qualitative research. Typically, a focus group brings together 4 to 8 people, with a focus on one or more topics at a time. A focus group interview (FGI) is conducted by an experienced moderator and follows a well-defined research scenario.


Focus groups implementation process

The meeting of respondents is in the nature of a discussion. It is not just about providing answers. The task of the moderator conducting the survey is to get to the motives of the interviewees’ behavior and attitudes. The focus groups in Poland during the survey should feel a loose, relaxed atmosphere in order to give honest, personal answers. The moderator’s task is to guide the conversation in such a way as to obtain answers to the questions asked by the client. Survey participants should express their opinions, thoughts and feelings related to the survey topic. The focus group during the study may be recorded or observed with the help of a Venetian mirror. At the end of the study, the statements of those in the focus group are elaborated in detail and analyzed to prepare the study report. An FGI study usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, as this time allows for maintaining focus on the topic under discussion. A standard focus group consists of people who are unfamiliar with each other but similar in many ways. For example, they share common socioeconomic characteristics, demographics or knowledge of a particular topic.

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Focus groups in Poland interviewing also provides an opportunity to distinguish specific focus groups tailored to the nature of a given study. Among these are distinguished groups such as friends groups, mini groups, creative groups, conflict groups, expert groups, recurring groups, brand follower groups, groups with homework groups based on consumer-producer dialogue, and any non-standard profile “mix”. Contact us today and you will receive professional support.

Online focus groups

Focus group meetings, in addition to stationary, in rooms properly prepared for this study called focus rooms, are also possible in an online version using interview platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Skype, for example. This is an excellent alternative providing many new opportunities to conduct the survey. The moderator can upload a lot of interesting multimedia materials to help get the answers he or she is interested in. It is also possible for simultaneous participation of people, for example, from all over the country or foreign speakers with simultaneous translation. In order to analyze the results, a transcription of the recorded focus group survey is made, the simultaneous translation is transcribed and the data obtained is interpreted. The online focus groups in Poland provides many new opportunities, impossible in a desktop setting. The language barrier is not an obstacle here thanks to simultaneous translation, and accurate transcription facilitates the elaboration of the survey results. A focus group should consist of appropriately selected respondents, so an important part of forming a focus group is the recruitment of participants. This process is complex, taking place in multiple stages. The recruiter is in close contact with the client, as he determines what characteristics the respondent must have. Open-minded, communicative people are selected according to strict criteria. Participants in the focus group interact with each other, there are numerous interactions between them, which result in a willingness to express opinions on a given topic, inspire them to give their views creatively and encourage group activity. The whole process increases the accuracy of the answers given and allows for reliable information.

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To discover participants’ emotions and thoughts, projective techniques used in qualitative research are helpful. Prominent among them are techniques such as collage, association cards or photo interpretation, Chinese portrait, laddering, personification or animation, unfinished sentence test, brand obituary or short brand story, balloon comic strip picture (bubble diagram), planet, party or event. By using this technique, the researcher gains access to thoughts that are difficult for the respondent to verbalize.

focus groups in poland

Advantages of online focus groups

The undoubted advantages of online focus groups include huge time savings, an easier recruitment process and a much smaller financial outlay needed to conduct a survey in the online version having in mind stationary surveys.Location is not important here, i.e. the respondent is not limited by a specific meeting place. In addition, during a focus group survey it is possible to collect a large amount of information in a fairly short period of time


What are the benefits of conducting focus groups?

Focus groups can help companies and organizations understand perceptions of their product, service or other issues, and gather quick, accurate and specific information.

Are focus group studies reliable?

Yes, focus groups are a reliable research method. It is an effective method of obtaining information to fully understand consumer opinions, attitudes and behavior.

Who can conduct focus group research?

Focus group research can be conducted by specialists in market research, marketing research or linguistics, as well as by people with experience in conducting such research.

What are the criteria for selecting focus group participants?

The criteria for selecting focus group participants depends on the research objectives and topic. They may include age, gender, income level, place of residence or other demographic characteristics.

What are the most common mistakes made when conducting focus groups?

Overly formalized questions, too many people in the group, unclear or illegible questions, questions that are too long, and poor time management.

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