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For many years there has been a steady increase in global energy demand. In 2020, the installed capacity of energy systems reached 24.2 billion MWh. In 2021, these figures will rise to 25 billion MWh. According to the IEO 2021 data, in 2020, the world’s electricity production reached more than 28.2 billion MWh, and the minimum rate was 0.8 billion MWh. We cordially invite you to cooperate with us in the implementation of research in the energy sector.

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Energy market

Analyzing the energy market, it can be seen that in 2020 the rate of energy consumption was 2.3 billion MWh. In 2021, this indicator will increase to 2.5 billion MWh. The energy consumption rate is an important indicator because it tells us how much energy is produced in our society. According to IEA data, in 2020 global electricity production was more than 28.2 billion MWh, an increase of 4% compared to 2019 data. In 2020, energy consumption was 2.3 billion MWh, an increase of 3.2% compared to 2019 data. In 2021, energy production is expected to increase further, and energy consumption is expected to increase by 2.5 billion MWh. According to IEA data, in 2020, the installed capacity index of energy systems amounted to 24.2 billion MWh. In 2021, this indicator will increase to 25 billion MWh. The installed capacity index is an important indicator because it tells us how fast the demand for energy is growing in our society. In general, it can be said that the energy market is growing at a rapid pace. Year after year, we see an increase in both energy production and consumption. In 2021, it is expected that energy production will continue to grow and energy consumption will increase by 2.5 billion MWh. The rate of installed capacity in power systems will also continue to grow, and will reach 25 billion MWh in 2021.

Badania Energetyki

Power plants in Poland

There are many coal-fired power plants in Poland, which use coal to generate electricity. Other energy sources that are used in Poland include nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biogas and biofuels. Nuclear power plants are located in Zarnowiec and Chocznia. Solar power plants are currently being built all over Poland. Wind power plants are mainly used in the northern and eastern parts of the country. Hydroelectric power plants are mainly present in central Poland.

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Green energy

According to a report by the European Energy Agency, in 2018 Poland ranked sixth in Europe in terms of renewable energy use. The share of renewable energy in Poland’s final energy consumption increased from 8.1% in 2015 to 8.5% in 2019. The share of renewable energy in Poland’s electricity generation increased from 11.2% in 2015 to 14.9% in 2019. The main source of renewable energy in Poland’s electricity generation is wind power, which accounted for more than 70% of all renewable energy sources in 2019. In 2020, Poland set a new target – by 2030, the share of renewable energy in final energy consumption is to increase to 15%.

Why conduct energy sector market research?

Conducting market research on the energy industry is important because the industry affects the lives of people around the world. It is important for the economy because the energy industry generates a lot of revenue, creates jobs and supports economic development. According to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the energy industry currently generates about 10% of total gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide. Moreover, according to a study by research firm MarketsandMarkets, the global energy services market has grown from about $5.2 trillion in 2017 to $8.1 trillion in 2021. That’s an increase of more than 55%. Energy industry market research can help identify consumer needs and determine the best marketing strategies to help companies leverage those needs to maximize results. They can also help companies gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. Energy industry market research can also help to understand more about the market’s impact on the environment. For example, research on the impact of renewable energy can help determine what impact the chosen technologies have on the environment and what changes can be expected in the future. Finally, energy industry market studies can help companies determine what the best sales and marketing strategies are for energy products. They are also used to identify major competitors and determine how companies can stay ahead of the competition. Energy industry market research is important because it enables companies to understand the market that shapes their products and services. This research helps companies determine the best marketing, sales and environmental strategies to maximize profits, increase competitiveness and ensure energy security.

Energy market research using CATI and CAWI methods

Energy market research is an important part of the management process and provides insight into customer opinions. Among energy market research methods, there are two main types – CATI and CAWI. CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is an energy market research method in which interviewers conduct surveys by telephone. CATI surveys are quick and inexpensive, and the data collected is directly accessible. Statistics on this method indicate that it is effective and allows it to reach a wide range of audiences. CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) is a method that involves conducting interviews over the Internet. CAWI surveys are very effective and allow to reach a wider range of respondents. In addition, this method is cheaper and faster than traditional survey methods. Statistics on CAWI show that compared to CATI, it is more effective and allows to reach a wider audience. In summary, CATI and CAWI are effective and inexpensive methods of energy market research. Statistics on these methods indicate that they are effective and allow to reach a wider audience.

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