Market research in the medical industry

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Market research in medicine covers a wide range of topics, including patient needs research, patient and caregiver attitude research, competitive research, industry trend research, hospital and clinic pricing research, and research on the availability and quality of medical services. These studies are used to identify medical needs, assess the quality of medical services and identify growth opportunities for doctors, hospitals and other healthcare-related entities.


Market research in the medical industry

Medicine is an empirical science, it is based on experience, which focuses on human beings and diseases and how to prevent and treat them. The medical market is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It is particularly important to innovate in it, both for customers and the business environment. Research support is required, experience and knowledge of researchers are important elements of a reliable and credible study. Market research in the medical industry can involve a number of different techniques and tools. The most commonly used tools are surveys, interviews, group research, observation and testing. When conducting market research in the medical field, special attention should be paid to obtaining information about potential consumers, their preferences, behaviors and needs. You can also study competitors, their products, services and marketing strategies. Market research in the medical field can be conducted via the Internet, telephone, mail, personal interviews or others. Analytical tools are also often used, including statistics, models and correlational analysis. To conduct market research in the medical industry, it is important to pay attention to the availability and quality of data. This allows you to draw reliable conclusions and conclusions that can help you create effective marketing strategies.


Various types of analytical methods and techniques are used in market research. Analysis of current processes within a given area, trends on future phenomena. Competitive analysis and Polish demand studies are carried out, which allows to determine the principles of launching new medicinal products and medical equipment on the market. The target group consists of manufacturers, distributors of drugs, cosmetics, medical accessories; advertising agencies in the medical industry; medical consultants. Market research in medicine is often used in making decisions on investments, product and service development, as well as marketing strategies.

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Examine the impact of new technologies on the medical services market. To study the changes taking place in the market of hospitals and clinics. To study the impact of care provided by doctors on the quality of medical services. To analyze the impact of competition on the medical services market. To study the impact of e-health on the medical services market. To analyze the changes occurring in the medical market in terms of prices and costs. To study the impact of pharmacy on the medical services market.

Telephone and panel surveys

CATI telephone research is a method of collecting quantitative information carried out by telephone interview. CATI market research in medicine can include a number of different activities, such as: 1. consumer profile analysis: This study is used to understand the demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics of consumers related to medical services. 2. Competitor profile development: This study involves analyzing competitors’ offerings and comparing them to those of the study participant. 3. market analysis: This study includes analysis of market size, market structure, development trends and competition in the medical services sector. 4. Development of marketing strategy: This study involves developing a marketing strategy that meets the goals and needs of the study participant. 5. Development and implementation of CATI tools: This study involves the development and implementation of CATI tools that will be used to collect data and draw conclusions from the market survey.

CAWI panel research is the most common quantitative research method that involves sending surveys straight to the respondent via a website. Marketing research for the medical market area begins with a qualitative, quantitative measurement. This allows you to make your conclusions credible, generalizable to the entire population of consumers in your target group. A cawi market study in medicine involves a number of activities, including identifying potential customers and their needs, analyzing competitors, determining product offerings and their prices, and monitoring trends in the medical sector. A cawi market study in medicine will help you better understand the needs of patients and physicians, help identify competitive weaknesses, and help you determine the best marketing strategies and launch effective product offerings. A cawi market study in medicine is necessary for companies that want to implement new products and services to increase sales and strengthen their position in the market.

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With the help of these surveys, reports can be made: patient satisfaction, health care of medical executives, describing medical practice, prescribing, on competition, methods of treatment. Our company carries out surveys with the utmost care while maintaining professional ethics and data protection. We carry out surveys of the medical market in Poland: surveys of the effectiveness of medical representatives, surveys of patients’ opinions and habits, surveys of consumer preferences.

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Conducting medical market research has several advantages. First, it can help clarify differences between therapies and likely outcomes for an individual, which can contribute to better treatment outcomes. Second, medicine market research can help identify patient needs, which can improve the quality of health care. In addition, medicine market research can help understand and increase patient engagement in treatment, which can contribute to higher cure rates. Finally, medicine market research can help identify the most appropriate interventions for the right groups of patients, which can result in greater efficiency and lower treatment costs.

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