Map of points at risk


Komisja Europejska

Europe is a region of the world that stands out for its high quality of life and attention to the basic needs of society. Unfortunately, new problems are emerging everywhere that require rapid action. One of them is social pathology. Some of these pathologies are very common and pose a threat to the health of people across the continent. On the map of Europe, the points at risk of pathological phenomena are very visible. This is especially true for regions in deep economic and social crisis, such as Greece, Portugal and Spain, which for years have been affected by high levels of unemployment and lack of future prospects. According to a study conducted by the European Commission, the rate of social pathologies is exceptionally high in the following countries: Greece (26.7%), Portugal (25.3%), Spain (20.7%) and Italy (17.6%). This is both due to the consequences of the deep financial crisis and the serious problem of homelessness, which affects nearly 3 million people across the continent. Fortunately, in recent years, the fight against social pathology has focused on preventing and combating these phenomena. They are succeeding, but there is still much work to be done. In Poland, one of the European Union countries, the rate fluctuates around 9.4%, which is quite low compared to other countries. The rate of social pathology in Europe is a dramatic phenomenon, and therefore it is extremely important to prevent these complex problems by supporting all efforts to improve the quality of life of the population. In this way, we can preserve the European quality of life that we all know and love so well.