CATI versus CAWI


analiza badan cati

CATI and CAWI research methods are widely used in social research, marketing research, sociology and other branches of research and development. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, CAWI panel surveys have increased in popularity, reducing the importance of telephone surveys. The biggest disadvantage of telephone surveys is that they are time-consuming and expensive. To get a reliable response, it is necessary to contact the respondent and conduct lengthy interviews. In addition, researchers must pay interviewers for their work at the handset. Thus, telephone surveys are more expensive than online panel surveys.


CAWI panel surveys are much more convenient and faster than CATI studio telephone surveys. Surveys are available online, so there is no need to contact respondents. This means that respondents can complete the survey at any time of the day or night. In addition, CAWI panel surveys are much cheaper than telephone surveys. Statistically, only 7% of all telephone surveys were conducted in 2019, while CAWI panel surveys accounted for 93% of all surveys. In the same year, the number of respondents who took part in a CAWI panel survey reached nearly 25 million people, while only 250,000 respondents took part in telephone surveys.


Given the growing importance of CAWI panel surveys over CATI, the outlook for telephone surveys seems bleak. However, in some cases, such as surveys with long and complex questions, CATI surveys are more appropriate than CAWI.