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IDI research is a qualitative technique that uses one-on-one interviews to gather information and opinions from respondents. The interviews are conducted by a moderator and provide a deeper understanding of consumers’ perceptions and experiences with a particular product or service.The purpose of these interviews is to obtain information about consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, opinions, preferences, perceptions and motives toward products and services. Interviews can be conducted in group or individual form, using traditional or modern techniques.

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Application of IDI research

Individual in-depth interview (IDI) is a research method that involves conducting individual, in-depth interviews with respondents. It is one of the most widely used research methods in marketing and sociology. The use of IDI is to learn about the individual opinions, attitudes, experiences and needs of the people under study. Due to the fact that the interview is conducted on an individual basis, the researcher can ask in-depth questions to gain very detailed information about the issue under study. IDI is often used in qualitative research that seeks to learn about the subjective opinions and experiences of the people being studied. IDI is often used in marketing research to learn about consumers’ opinions about a product or service, their needs, preferences and experiences of using it. This is particularly useful for new products or services that are not yet well known in the market.

Stages of implementation of the IDI survey

Methods for implementing the IDI (Individual in-depth Interview) survey include the following steps: Sample selection – involves selecting the people who will participate in the study. This can be a random or purposive sample, depending on the purpose of the survey. Questionnaire preparation – involves preparing the questions that will be asked during the interview. The questions should be prepared in such a way as to allow gaining as much information as possible about the issue under study. Conducting the interviews – involves conducting individual interviews with the people under study. The interview can be conducted in person, by telephone or via the Internet. Transcription of interviews – involves transcribing the content of the interviews onto paper or into an electronic file. Analysis of interviews – involves analyzing the content of the interviews to identify patterns and trends related to the issue under study. Reporting the results – involves presenting the results of the study in the form of a report, which includes conclusions and recommendations on the issue under study. For more information on implementation methods, visit the DRB website

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Who is commissioning the IDI study?

IDI (Individual in-depth Interview) surveys are primarily commissioned by businesses, advertising agencies, research companies and academic and government institutions. The purpose of these surveys is to learn about the individual opinions, attitudes, experiences and needs of the people surveyed, which allows for a better understanding of market needs and better alignment of marketing strategies and public policies with consumer needs and preferences. Companies in various industries commission IDI surveys, e.g. FMCG, telecommunications, financial, automotive, etc., to learn about consumers’ opinions about a product or service, their needs, preferences and experiences of using it. Academic and government institutions commission IDI surveys to learn about people’s opinions and attitudes toward various social, political phenomena or issues.

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