UX research

User Experience (UX) research – aims to improve the usability of a website or mobile application. For this purpose, information about the needs, expectations and behavior of users from the target group is useful. A properly designed UX study will make it possible to obtain this.

Why conduct UX Research?

The main purpose of UX research is:

  • improving the user experience of existing solutions (services, applications)
  • Gathering information about the needs and expectations of the target group.

UX research should be done when you want to:

  • find out how users rate your site or app; 
  • detect and remove errors that make it difficult for users to navigate the site; 
  • improve results (conversions, number of returning users, etc.)., 
  • reduce the rate of rejections and exits from the website, 
  • verify that the navigation is adequate and users can navigate between pages,
  • learn about the most common user problems, 
  • gather information about the service’s target audience and the context of its use, 
  • look for the causes of declines in the effectiveness of the site, whether it is at a level that satisfies you, 
  • check whether the product we introduce meets the expectations of users.
Fieldstat research and results

During the test, the test subjects’ individual decisions, mouse movements, clicks and other elements related to the movement of the site are analyzed. In addition, a very important topic is the elements that attract users’ attention, and checking whether the site contains all the necessary information to perform the planned actions. To run the tests, a scenario is created, which includes tasks that check key paths and actions that can be performed on the system, site or application. Through testing, you can check whether users understand a certain system concept and how they actually use it. This allows us to see if the user interface is intuitive and the information architecture is correct.

UX research

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UX research in the form of task-based usability testing makes it possible to verify not only what users declare, but also to see how they actually perform on a given task. UX researchers verify the correspondence between user declarations and what the user did during the test.

The path of cooperation

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Choice of method
Choosing the right research method that best suits your project
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Signing of all necessary documents and confidentiality agreements
Conduct a research project, collect data and send it to the client
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UX research can be carried out using the following methods:

  • In-depth interviews (IDI)
  • Focus groups.
  • Usability tests.
  • Card sorting
  • Prototyping..
  • Heuristic analysis.
  • Analysis of session recordings.
  • Eyetracking.

Why choose Fieldstat's offer?

Fieldstat Agency is the right place where all the conditions for reliable research are met. The research techniques we use in our work are performed at the highest level. Development of results and their analysis is the hallmark of our agency. Without this recommendation, no research would be reliable. And our task is to find through UX research the answers to your questions.

UX research

If you want your website, app or digital product to be easy to use, user-friendly and provide a positive experience, it’s worth conducting UX research. They will help you find out what your target audience’s needs and expectations are, what problems they encounter when using your product, what elements are most important to them, and which can be improved or changed. UX research will allow you to create a product that will satisfy users and bring you business success.

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