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Omnibus surveys are quick and inexpensive surveys that collect information on a variety of topics using a single survey tool. They are conducted regularly (e.g., once a month) and allow data to be collected on a variety of topics in a single survey. They are often used to quickly check public opinion on various topics.

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Application of omnibus survey

Omnibus surveys are used for many different purposes, including: Quickly checking public opinion: because omnibus surveys are conducted on a regular basis, it is possible to quickly see how opinion on a topic is changing. Cost savings: because omnibus surveys allow you to collect data on many different topics in one tool, they are less expensive than conducting separate surveys for each topic. Collecting data on a variety of topics: with omnibus surveys, you can collect data on many different topics at the same time, allowing you to better understand the overall picture of the market or public opinion. Market analysis: omnibus surveys can be used by companies to analyze the market and see how their products are perceived by consumers. Studying the influence of different factors on opinion: with omnibus surveys, it is possible to see how different factors, such as advertising or political events, influence public opinion.

The process of implementing the omnibus survey

The process of implementing an omnibus survey may include the following steps: Determining the objectives and research questions: to start, determine what information you want to get from the survey and what questions you want to ask. Selecting the measurement method: choose an appropriate measurement method, such as telephone interview, online interview, etc. Preparation of measurement tools: if we have chosen a method that requires the preparation of a questionnaire or other data collection tool, it should be prepared and checked for accuracy. Data collection: once the measurement tools are prepared, they should be implemented and data collected. This may include conducting telephone or online interviews, etc. Data analysis: once the data is collected, it should be analyzed and conclusions drawn. This may include counting responses, creating tables and charts, etc. Reporting the results: at the end, a report should be created containing the results of the omnibus survey and the conclusions drawn from them. This report can be presented to the client or published in some form.

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Fieldstat offers comprehensive omnibus surveys that are reliable and take into account all aspects of the survey. The company uses a wide range of survey and interview tools, including group discussions and observations. Their professional omnibus researchers can help you collect data, interpret the results and draw conclusions. Fieldstat also offers support in preparing reports and presentations of survey results. If you need omnibus research, enlist Fieldstat’s help to get the best results.

Methods of implementing the omnibus survey

Methods of implementing an omnibus survey are the various ways in which information can be collected and analyzed with a single survey tool. Such methods are: Telephone interviewing: involves conducting telephone interviews with a selected group of respondents. It can be conducted by an interviewer or through an automated system that asks questions. Online interview: involves collecting data through an online survey that the respondent fills out on his or her own. It can be conducted using special online survey tools such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. Data analysis: involves analyzing data that is already available, such as website visit statistics or data from advertising systems. This can be used to obtain information on consumer preferences or purchasing behavior. Social listening research: involves analyzing data collected from various sources on the web, such as social media, online forums, etc., to obtain information about what people are saying about a particular product, brand or topic. Survey using special devices: involves installing special devices, such as barcode-reading scanners, in respondents’ homes to collect information about what these people buy and what products they are interested in. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the goals of the survey and the questions you want to ask. It is important to choose the right tool for the specific situation and the objectives of the survey.

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