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We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully carried out a research project on the knowledge of Polish residents about financial products, especially short- and long-term loans. The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1004 adult Poles, using the CATI technique. The thorough and meticulous conduct of the survey allowed us to gather reliable and credible data, which was then analyzed in depth. Our results not only provided valuable information on the level of financial awareness among adult Poles, but also highlighted areas that require further public education and information.

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Challenges of project implementation


This project was not without its challenges. First, understanding the complexity and diversity of financial products and how they are perceived by different demographic groups. Second, making sure our respondents understood the questions and that their answers were fair and accurate. Third, transforming the collected data into practical and understandable information that can contribute to improving the financial education of Poles. The valuable conclusions of our survey have been recognized in an international forum – by researchers from the prestigious Harvard University in the United States. This is a great honor for our team and confirmation that the research we are carrying out is of significant importance in the global arena. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this project. Thanks to your commitment and determination, we were able to provide results that can contribute to improving the level of financial education in our country.

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