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We are extremely pleased to report that we have successfully conducted a series of in-depth surveys for companies representing eight key industries; Telecommunications, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Food FMCG, Automotive, City Management/Administration – smart city, Healthcare/Medicine, E-commerce and/or Retail, and Software Industry. Our research aimed to better understand the role that artificial intelligence plays for these large companies, particularly in which areas of their business AI is most effective, and where it faces challenges. We analyzed various aspects of AI use, such as its impact on operational efficiency, service quality, innovation and ability to anticipate market changes.


Challenges of project implementation


One of the main challenges in carrying out this project was to understand the specific characteristics of each of the eight industries and to adapt our research tools to the specific needs of each industry. This required us not only to have a deep understanding of the dynamics and specifics of these industries, but also to be able to interpret and analyze the data in the context of their specific issues and challenges. Despite these challenges, we are confident that our experience, professionalism and commitment allowed us to successfully conduct the research and deliver valuable results. Thanks to our research, there will be a number of scientific publications that will indicate the directions in which AI should develop in a business or medical context. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to carry out this project. This is not only an opportunity to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence in various sectors of the economy, but also an opportunity to further develop our competencies and research skills. We sincerely thank all project participants for their commitment and trust.

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