With great dedication and professionalism, we conducted a complex case study aimed at generating sales leads for OnRobot. OnRobot is a global market leader, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of advanced grippers and whole robotic arms. Our activities covered many countries in the European Union, which further emphasized the complexity and international nature of this project. During the course of this project, we took full responsibility for implementing several key milestones: Methodology: We designed a detailed methodology and lead generation strategy that was tailored to OnRobot’s specific needs and goals. The methods were meticulously tailored to the dynamics and specifics of the European market. Fieldwork: Using the CATI (telephone survey) technique, we successfully implemented fieldwork, focusing on identifying and making contact with potential customers. This directly contributed to increasing the lead base for OnRobot. Report: At the end, we prepared a detailed report that included analysis and interpretation of the collected data, as well as an overview of the effectiveness of the project implementation. We appreciate the prompt communication, patience and mutual cooperation, especially during the resolution of complex implementation issues. We are grateful for the opportunity to carry out this challenging project, and we are happy to have contributed to OnRobot’s success.


Challenges of project implementation


Conducting such a large-scale lead generation project for OnRobot presented a number of challenges. First of all, the implementation of a telephone survey (CATI) on such a large scale, covering several countries of the European Union, required us to pay special attention at the stage of planning and organization of work. Taking care to understand cultural and linguistic differences, as well as the peculiarities of individual markets, was crucial to the successful implementation of the survey.

The second challenge, no less important, was to identify and connect with the right people – OnRobot’s potential customers. To this end, we developed and implemented effective communication and relationship-building strategies that allowed us to achieve our goals.

In addition, analyzing and interpreting the collected data was a complex process, requiring advanced tools and skills. We had to ensure that our conclusions were accurate, reliable and useful to OnRobot.

Despite these challenges, thanks to our experience, commitment and close cooperation with OnRobot, we were able to successfully complete the project, delivering valuable sales leads.


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