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We are pleased to announce the completion of our latest research project, which was conducted in connection with the establishment of a new high-speed rail line connecting Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and Warsaw. As part of our research, we conducted more than 2,000 online interviews with train, car and plane passengers who regularly travel between these cities. Our main goal was to gather detailed data on the frequency and preferred modes of transportation of residents of these cities in order to provide the most comprehensive picture of traveler flow. We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the European Commission, which funded this project, and to the project implementers for their trust and the opportunity to work with us as a fieldwork organization.

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Challenges of project implementation


Undoubtedly, this project was a logistical and analytical challenge, but thanks to our experience, commitment and professional approach to the tasks, we were able to successfully complete the project. We would like to thank all the survey participants for their time and willingness to answer our questions. We are glad that we were able to contribute to this important project, which will certainly benefit the residents of the mentioned cities and contribute to a better connected Europe. For us, this is proof that our research services are valued and appreciated internationally.

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