Hall tests

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What are they?

Hall testing is a market research method that is used to quickly and accurately determine perceptions of a product, brand or service. It involves inviting about 100 or 200 respondents to participate in a survey, in specially designed rooms. Respondents are properly recruited by phone or on-site before the survey begins to see if they meet the appropriate requirements to participate. This method is particularly used for taste tests, packaging, products, advertising or services just launched.



The main use of the hall test technique research is to create precise, research-supported marketing strategies, to target audiences and use marketing budgets effectively. Hall test research is often used to evaluate new products, services or ideas to determine whether they are worth launching. The purpose of this research is to obtain relevant information about a specific product or service that can be used as a basis for marketing decisions. Hall test (market research) is an effective tool for detecting potential opportunities and threats in the market, as well as for determining whether a product or service will have a chance of success. This method can be used by companies to determine what products and services will have the greatest impact on the market, as well as how best to promote them. In conclusion, hall test research is an effective way to identify market trends and to draw conclusions about an effective marketing strategy.


With Hall test, many companies modify their products or services to reach as many customers as possible. The results are analyzed, reported, which allows clients to delve into the feelings of respondents and make conclusions on how to improve a product or service. An undoubted advantage is also direct contact with the respondent, so we can see how he reacts to the product, service and what attracts his attention the most. It guarantees us the high quality of the survey data obtained, which makes it easier to draw conclusions from the survey and will translate into increased sales revenue.

Hall tests in Fieldstat

We are a company with many years of experience in performing hall tests, thanks to which our services of carrying out research using this technique are of the highest quality. We have access to special rooms throughout Poland, designed to perform this type of research, which are modified depending on the product, advertisement or service being tested. Our team consists of professionals who are not afraid of challenges and will cope with any task. The goal of our agency is to meet all the requirements of the established research project. We will guide you through the entire process of carrying out the survey using the Hall test method, starting with the construction of the research methodology, proceeding to the “fieldwork” and ending with reliable statistics that will accurately answer all your questions, resulting in dynamic growth of your corporation. With Fieldstat, you will learn about the preferences and expectations of your customers. Trust our experience and let’s carry out your next Hall test research project together.

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