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CASI stands for Computer assisted self-interviewing, a computer-assisted survey technique in which the respondent completes the questionnaire on his or her own by entering answers into a computer provided by an employee of the research institution, and the answers are automatically recorded by a computer program that simultaneously controls the correct completion of the questionnaire. The interviewer’s role is to recruit the respondent and assist in operating the device used to fill out the questionnaire.

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Application of the CASI study

CASI survey is often used in social, medical and market research, as well as in scientific research involving a large number of respondents. CASI allows the automatic collection, processing and analysis of data, which increases efficiency and reduces the cost of research. At the same time, CASI allows for increased confidentiality of responses, as it allows for anonymous answering of questions on topics that may be controversial or intimate.

Quality of research conducted using the CASI method

The CASI (Computer Assisted Self-Interview) method of surveying produces high-quality data, as it allows anonymity and freedom of expression for respondents. This method also allows for automatic quality control of the data, which increases its reliability. In addition, because the survey is conducted by computer, it is less prone to errors, such as inaccuracies in transcription or interpretation of responses, which increases data quality. Unlike traditional survey methods, such as face-to-face interviews or paper surveys, a CASI survey also allows data to be obtained from hard-to-reach groups, such as people with communication difficulties or those with literacy difficulties. Finally, the CASI method survey allows for quick and efficient data processing, which allows for quick decision-making based on the information obtained. In conclusion, the CASI method survey is an effective method for obtaining high-quality data, which allows for anonymity and freedom of expression for respondents, automatic data quality control, obtaining data from hard-to-reach groups, and fast and efficient data processing.

Methods of CASI (Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing) survey implementation.

Methods for implementing a CASI survey may vary depending on the survey objectives, target audience, and technological availability, but the most common methods are: CASI using a desktop computer: Respondents answer questions on a desktop computer screen provided in a specially equipped room. CASI using a tablet or cell phone: Respondents answer questions on a tablet or cell phone screen that is provided specifically for this purpose. CASI using an online platform: Respondents answer questions on an online platform that is provided specifically for this purpose. CASI using voice: Respondents answer questions by voice using a voice response option. CASI using touchscreen: Respondents answer questions by touching the screen, using the touch screen answering option. It is important to choose the right CASI survey implementation method for the survey objectives, target audience and technological accessibility to obtain reliable and meaningful data.


Fieldstat offers comprehensive CASI surveys that are reliable and take into account all aspects of the survey. The company uses a wide range of survey and interview tools, including group discussions and observations. Their professional researchers can help you collect data, interpret the results and draw conclusions. Fieldstat also offers support in preparing reports and presentations of survey results. If you need a CASI survey, enlist Fieldstat’s help to get the best results.

Who is commissioning the CASI study?

CASI surveys can be commissioned by various entities, depending on the objectives of the survey and the target audience. Companies – commission CASI surveys to learn about consumer opinions on their products or services, as well as to learn about consumer preferences and needs. State institutions – commission CASI surveys to learn about public opinion on various state policies, programs and initiatives. Researchers – commission CASI surveys to learn about people’s opinions, attitudes and behavior in the context of their scientific research. Research institutions – commission CASI surveys to learn about people’s opinions and attitudes on a variety of topics that may be relevant to different fields, such as public policy, education, health, or the labor market. Media – commission CASI surveys to learn about public opinions on various issues and to produce articles or television programs on current events.

Why conduct a CASI Survey at your company?

A CASI (Computer Assisted Self Interview) survey is an effective data acquisition method that allows you to obtain reliable and accurate information from respondents. Conducting this type of survey at a company will bring a number of benefits, including: High quality data: CASI allows you to obtain accurate and reliable information, as responses are collected using a computer, eliminating the possibility of errors and misrepresentations. Saving time and money: The survey is much more efficient than traditional methods of data collection, as it does not require the participation of an anketeer, which reduces costs significantly. Greater anonymity:Respondents often feel more at ease and willing to provide detailed answers if they are assured of anonymity. The CASI survey allows respondents to remain anonymous, which increases the quality of the data. Greater efficiency: The method allows for open-ended questions, which allows for more detailed and precise answers than traditional survey methods. Greater flexibility: The survey allows for flexible customization of questions to meet individual company needs, resulting in more precise and industry-relevant information. CASI is an effective and efficient data acquisition method that allows you to obtain reliable and precise information from respondents, which will help improve business decisions and company growth.

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