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Eye tracking, or eye tracking, is a method of tracking eye movements It is possible to do this using an oculograph. Eye Tracking allows you to determine how long the person under examination focuses his eyes on a given object, element. It also indicates which elements of a given image are missed and which are noticed. Eye Trackers are perfect for examining product packaging, store shelves or websites. This method allows to determine where the consumer looks, for how long and in what order.

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Application of eye tracking survey

Eye tracking is a study that involves recording eye movements. It is used in various fields such as psychology, neuropsychology, market research, user experience and interface research. In psychology and neuropsychology, eye tracking is used to study perception and cognitive processes such as attention, memory and comprehension. In market research, eye tracking is used to understand how people look at advertisements, websites and products. In user experience and interface research, oculography is used to analyze how people use various interfaces and applications.

Methods of implementing eye tracking survey

There are several methods of performing eye tracking examination, including: Oculography – this method involves recording eye movements using special sensors such as electrodes, infrared or cameras. Pupillometry – this method involves recording changes in the size of the eye’s pupil, which are linked to cognitive processes such as attention and memory. Saccadometry – this method involves recording rapid eye movements called saccades, which are used to move through an image. Virtual eye-tracking – this method involves simulating eye movements based on the position of the mouse cursor or touch on the screen. Mobile eye-tracking – involves recording eye movements using special cameras mounted on cell phones or tablets. The method of choice depends on the goals of the study and the availability of equipment and budget.


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Who commissions eye tracking studies?

Eye tracking studies can be commissioned by various organizations and institutions, including: Marketing and advertising companies that want to better understand how people look at advertisements, products and websites. Technology and IT companies that want to improve the design of user interfaces and applications. Companies in the film and television production industry that want to better understand how people respond to films and television programs. Research institutions, such as universities, research centers and research institutes that want to better understand cognitive processes and perception. Health companies, such as hospitals and clinics that use eye tracking studies to diagnose and treat various diseases and disorders.

Why conduct eye tracking surveys in your company?

Eye tracking studies involve analyzing the movement of a user’s eyeballs while using different types of content, such as websites, apps, ads or products. They provide very valuable information on how users look at different interface elements, what is important to them and what attracts them. Conducting eye tracking studies in a company allows you to: improve the usability of websites, applications or products, increase the effectiveness of advertisements, increase the effectiveness of interface design, learn about user preferences, better understand customer needs and expectations, get information about what interface elements are most important to users. It is worth remembering that eye tracking studies provide very valuable information that allows you to tailor your offerings to the needs and preferences of your customers, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you want to get to know your customers better and tailor your offer to their needs and preferences, conducting eye tracking studies is crucial for the development of your business.

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