Transportation and logistics research

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Transportation and logistics research is a field of study that analyzes and interprets data on the flow of goods, services and information throughout the supply chain. This research includes analysis of all aspects of material flow, such as transportation costs, duration, service quality, availability and efficiency. The implementation of the research includes all aspects of the demand for transportation services, as well as the factors that affect prices and demand.

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Application of transport and logistics research

Transportation and logistics research is used to optimize the processes of moving goods and improve the operation of the entire supply chain. It can be used to determine the best transportation routes, select appropriate transportation methods, or plan warehouse inventory. This allows the company to increase the efficiency of its operations and reduce logistics costs.

Methods of implementation of the study of transport and logistics

Methods for implementing a transportation and logistics survey can vary depending on the research objectives and the industry in which it is conducted. Here are some sample methods: Data analysis: involves collecting and processing data on transportation and logistics, such as transportation routes, transportation costs, delivery times, etc. This analysis identifies problems and weaknesses in the current logistics system. SWOT analysis: involves identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to transportation and logistics. This method allows you to identify potential directions for development and improvement in the company. ABC analysis: involves determining the importance of specific products or customers to the company. This method allows you to focus on the key logistics elements that have the greatest impact on the company’s bottom line. Transportation cost analysis: involves determining and comparing the transportation costs of different products or services in different regions. This method allows you to choose the cheapest and most efficient transportation methods. Delphi analysis: involves conducting a series of surveys or interviews with experts in various fields to get their opinions on transportation and logistics. This method allows you to get a broad perspective and different points of view.


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Who commissions transportation and logistics studies?

Transportation and logistics research can be commissioned by various entities, depending on the research objectives. Here are some examples: Transportation and logistics companies: can commission a study to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs. Manufacturing companies: can commission a study to improve the efficiency of their supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. Government institutions: can commission a study to identify infrastructure needs and plan for the development of public, rail or road transportation. Industry organizations: can commission a study to determine trends in the transportation and logistics industry, and identify key challenges and risks. Consulting firms: can commission a study to provide their clients with transportation and logistics expertise and solutions.

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