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IT software is preferred by various Companies, acquiring information about the value of the IT software services market in Poland, developing according to the criteria indicated by the client, and reaching out to data of companies in various industries that use IT software in their IT infrastructure.

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Application of IT market research

IT market research is used to obtain information on the information technology market. Its purpose can be to analyze the market, segment the market, identify trends, forecast market growth, identify customer needs and expectations, and assess competition. It can also be used by companies to make decisions on investment, product development and marketing strategy. IT market research can be conducted through various methods, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, quantitative or qualitative research.

Methods of implementing IT market research

There are a number of methods for implementing IT market research, including: Surveys: Surveys are one of the most commonly used market research methods. They can be conducted online or on paper. Surveys allow you to collect data from a wide range of respondents. Interviews: Interviews provide a deeper insight into the opinions and attitudes of respondents. They can be conducted in an individual or group format. Discussion groups: Focus groups allow the collection of information through group discussions. This method is particularly useful for consumer research. Quantitative survey: A quantitative survey involves collecting numerical data using statistical methods. It allows to obtain information on the scale of the phenomenon under study. Qualitative research: qualitative research involves collecting data in the form of text or images. Allows to obtain information on the motives and attitudes of respondents. Market data analysis: Market data analysis involves analyzing data from various sources, such as industry reports, newspaper articles, financial data, etc. Competitor analysis: Competitor analysis involves collecting and analyzing information on competitors, including products, services, prices, marketing strategies, etc. Internet data analysis: Internet data analysis involves collecting and analyzing information from various online sources, such as online forums, social media, customer reviews, etc. The method to choose depends on the research objectives, budget and availability of respondents.


Fieldstat offers comprehensive IT market research that is reliable and takes into account all aspects of the survey. The company uses a wide range of survey and interview tools, including group discussions and observations. Their professional researchers can help you gather data, interpret the results and draw conclusions. Fieldstat also offers support in preparing reports and presentations from survey results. If you need IT market research, enlist Fieldstat’s help to get the best results.

Who commissions IT market research?

IT market research can be commissioned by different types of organizations and companies, including: Technology companies: Technology companies, such as software and hardware manufacturers, commission market research to better understand customer needs and expectations and identify industry trends. Enterprises in other industries: Enterprises in other industries, such as trading or service companies, commission IT market research to better understand the information technology market and identify new business opportunities. Government institutions: Government institutions may commission IT market research to better understand the information technology market and identify potential threats to national security. Academic institutions: Academic institutions can commission IT market research to learn about new trends and technology solutions to improve their research and development. Research agencies: Research agencies specializing in IT market research can commission studies for different types of organizations.

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