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Sensory testing is a research process that involves evaluating products using the senses – sight, touch, taste and smell. These evaluations are performed by a group of researchers to determine the quality of products and their appeal to consumers. Sensory tests are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to test new products, product quality and composition. They are also used in market research to study consumer preferences for products and services.

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Application of sensory testing

Sensory research is an important part of market research that aims to understand consumer preferences, impressions, attitudes toward a product and overall perceptions. Sensory studies are designed to determine how a product tastes, looks and smells. They also aim to determine whether a product is of acceptable quality and how consumers rate it. These tests are often used to determine what product features consumers prefer and whether they are in line with the manufacturer’s stated goals. Sensory testing is conducted through a test panel, which consists of selected individuals who are chosen for their ability to evaluate a product in terms of quality, taste, appearance and smell. Test panel members are usually specially trained to have the ability to evaluate products based on specific criteria. The purpose of sensory testing is to draw conclusions about how a product is perceived by consumers and what level of satisfaction it delivers.

Methods of implementing sensory testing

Sensory research implementation methods are tools used to collect and analyze data on consumer perceptions of a product or service. These methods are often used in market research to assess product quality, to select the best quality options or to identify potential new products. The most common sensory research methods are direct type methods, observational methods, measurement and diagnostic methods, interview methods, statistical data analysis and visualization techniques. Panel type methods are the most commonly used tools in sensory research, in which panelists are given several products to taste. The panelists evaluate product features and share their opinions, which gives an idea of how the product is perceived and accepted by consumers. Observational methods are used to collect data on consumer behavior in the context of product or service selection.

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Our company provides a full range of sensory research to analyze, monitor and improve products and services. We conduct market research that helps companies understand consumer preferences, build brand image and introduce effective marketing activities. Our sensory research includes comprehensive consumer panel studies, visualization and analysis of consumer reactions, comparative analysis of products, sample studies and more. Our team of specialists is experienced in sensory research methodologies, techniques and tools. Our services are tailored to clients’ specific needs and budgets.

Sensory testing implementation process

The implementation of sensory research is a process consisting of several steps. At the outset, the purpose of the study must be defined and a suitable research method selected. Next, the study protocol must be prepared, including the selection of a suitable panel of experts, as well as the development of a suitable measurement technique. This is followed by sensory testing, which involves the evaluation of the product by experts with respect to selected properties. The results of the sensory testing are then analyzed and interpreted to reach conclusions about the product and its quality. After the testing is completed, a report of the results should be prepared, which includes the conclusions. Finally, the research results and conclusions should be presented to the market to draw conclusions about branding and marketing strategy. The process of implementing sensory research can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is an important step in the market research process.

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