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Market analysis research is the process of collecting and analyzing market, product, consumer and competitive data to make better business decisions. The purpose of the research is to understand customer needs and preferences, as well as to identify opportunities and threats for a given company. Market analysis research uses various techniques and tools, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and market data analysis.

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Application of market analysis

Market analysis is an important tool in business management, as it allows to understand the needs and preferences of consumers, as well as identify opportunities and threats for the company. Thanks to market research, it is possible to better plan and shape marketing strategies and the products and services offered by the company. Market analysis also makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of marketing activities and adjust them accordingly to the needs and expectations of customers. The use of market analysis is particularly important in dynamic and changing market conditions, where it is necessary to constantly monitor and adapt activities to changing consumer needs and preferences.

Methods of implementing market analysis

Market analysis execution methods are tools and techniques used to collect and analyze market, product, consumer and competitive data. The most commonly used methods for implementing market analysis include: Surveys – is a tool to collect information from consumers through closed or open-ended questions. Surveys can be conducted through paper questionnaires, electronic questionnaires or phone calls. Interviews – is a form of research that involves interviewing selected individuals to learn about their opinions, needs and preferences. Interviews can be conducted both in person and by telephone or instant messaging. Focus groups – is a research method involving a meeting of several people (usually 6 to 10) who are representative of the target group under study. During the meeting, the moderator asks questions about the issue under study and records the discussion. Market data analysis – is a method of analyzing market data, such as prices, sales, market shares, consumer structure, etc. Analysis of market data allows you to better understand the market situation and draw conclusions about marketing activities.


Fieldstat offers comprehensive market analysis that is reliable and takes into account all aspects of the survey. The company uses a wide range of survey and interview tools, including group discussions and observations. Their professional market analysis researchers can help you gather data, interpret the results and draw conclusions. Fieldstat also offers support in preparing reports and presentations of survey results. If you need market analysis research, enlist Fieldstat’s help to get the best results.

Who commissions market analysis?

Market analyses are primarily commissioned by companies that want to better understand consumer needs and preferences and identify opportunities and threats to their business. Market analyses can be commissioned by various departments within a company, such as marketing, sales, product development or strategy. Often market analysis assignments are also given to research agencies that specialize in conducting market research and providing reports with the results. In addition to companies, market analysis can be commissioned by public institutions such as government offices, local governments or government agencies that want to learn about the preferences and needs of the residents of a particular region or social group.

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