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Distribution channel research is the process of collecting and analyzing information on how products or services are delivered to end users. The goal is to find the most effective means of distribution to ensure the greatest return on investment.

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Application of distribution channel study

Distribution channel studies can be used to: Determine the optimal distribution channels for a given product or service. Improve the efficiency of existing distribution channels. Increase distribution reach by expanding the distribution network. Reduce distribution costs by selecting more efficient channels. Increase customer satisfaction by improving product or service availability. Improve communication with customers by better understanding their preferences regarding distribution method.

The process of implementing the distribution channel survey

The process of implementing a distribution channel study may include the following steps: Defining the objectives and research questions: First, define what you want to learn from the study and what questions you want to ask. Selecting research methods: Next, select appropriate research methods, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups or market data analysis. Data collection: The next step is to collect data using the selected research methods. Data analysis: Once the data is collected, it should be analyzed to answer the research questions and achieve the study objectives. Reporting the results: Finally, a report should be prepared with the results of the study, which will present conclusions and recommendations for optimal distribution channels.

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Fieldstat offers comprehensive channel surveys that are reliable and take into account all aspects of the research. The company uses a wide range of survey and interview tools, including group discussions and observations. Their professional distribution channel researchers can help you collect data, interpret the results and draw conclusions. Fieldstat also offers support in preparing reports and presentations of survey results. If you need distribution channel research, enlist Fieldstat’s help to get the best results.

Methods of implementing the distribution channel survey

There are many methods to study distribution channels, depending on the objectives of the study and the resources available. Here are some examples: Surveys: Surveys are a research tool that involves asking questions to respondents and collecting their answers. Surveys can be conducted via the Internet, mail, in person or by telephone. Interviews: Interviews are a method of talking to people who can provide valuable information about distribution channels. Interviews can be conducted in person, by phone or online. Focus groups: Focus groupy is a method of gathering a small group of people and discussing distribution channels with them. Market data analysis: Market data analysis is a method that involves analyzing data from various sources, such as industry reports, demographics or competitive information, to gain information about distribution channels. Market testing: Market testing is a method of launching a product or service in a limited way and monitoring the market’s reaction. This can help gain information about the effectiveness of various distribution channels.

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