University of Economics in Katowice

We are pleased to share information about our cooperation with the University of Economics in Katowice, where we are carrying out an extremely fascinating research project. Its goal is to better understand the specifics of communication between companies working together, and more precisely between companies forming the so-called closed triad operating in the sphere of logistics services. This triad consists of a supplier, a recipient and a logistics service provider, such as a transportation company, a freight forwarding company, a logistics operator or a logistics center.


Challenges of project implementation


The implementation of this project is not without its difficulties. The biggest challenge is to reach the companies that make up the described triad and convince everyone to participate in the survey. This requires precise identification of potential respondents and then effective communication of the value the survey will bring to each of the triad participants. This is a challenging task, but with our experience in business research, we are confident that we will succeed. Despite these challenges, we are very grateful for the opportunity to conduct this project. We believe that the study of such a specific group as the triad closed in the sphere of logistics services will contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms governing business cooperation and communication between companies. We would like to sincerely thank the University of Economics in Katowice for the trust they have placed in us by entrusting us with the implementation of this interesting and challenging project. We are extremely pleased that we can contribute to the study of such an important area as communication and cooperation in business.

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