RWS research for UMK

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we would like to share the news that we have been selected by the Faculty of Economics and Management of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun to conduct a longitudinal quantitative study. This survey, which is part of a project entitled “Factors Influencing Consumer Participation in RWS (Socially Supported Agriculture, Project No.: WNEiZ-Pu-129/2021), will provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to explore and understand the mechanisms behind this rapidly growing trend. The survey will cover N1250 adult residents of Poland. This diverse group of respondents will consist of both clients and non-clients of Socially Supported Agriculture (RWS).


Challenges of project implementation


We realize that the implementation of this project will not be free of challenges. First, a longitudinal survey requires not only ongoing coordination and analysis, but also consistent implementation over time, which can be challenging, especially with such a large group of respondents. Second, the issue of Socially Supported Agriculture (RWS) is relatively new and not all potential respondents may be familiar with it. This requires us to communicate and educate accurately when conducting surveys so that the results are reliable and credible. However, with our experience and professionalism, we are confident that we can overcome these challenges and conduct the survey at the highest level. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Faculty of Economics and Management of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun for the trust they have placed in us by choosing us. This opportunity to carry out such an important and interesting project is not only an honor for us, but also a motivation to further develop and improve our research competence.

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