We are happy to announce that we had the pleasure of being co-authors of a quantitative survey conducted using the CAWI technique on a sample of nearly 10,000 respondents. We would like to thank Beko for the opportunity to participate in this project. The survey focused on analyzing consumer behavior in the context of choosing home appliances, with an emphasis on understanding how Beko customers perceive the brand and its products.


Challenges of project implementation


  1. Sample size: Managing a quantitative survey with such a large sample of respondents was quite a challenge. It was demanding both logistically and technologically. We had to ensure that our tools and resources were able to effectively collect and process data from such a large number of people.
  2. Diversity of respondents: Due to the diversity of the Beko brand’s target audience, it was necessary to include adequate representation of different demographic and geographic groups. This in turn required careful segmentation and stratification of the research sample..
  3. Depth of analysis: The client expected detailed information to help understand consumer needs, preferences and behavior in the home appliance market. This meant not only collecting a huge amount of data, but also its complex analysis and interpretation.
  4. Implementation date: Due to the dynamic nature of the home appliance market and rapidly changing consumer trends, the project had to be completed in a short period of time. This required efficient project management and coordination between different teams.
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Results and Successes

Despite these challenges, we were able to successfully conduct the study and provide Beko with valuable results. Our findings helped the company better understand its target audience and adapt its marketing strategies to meet consumer needs. The findings also helped identify new market opportunities and areas for improvement in Beko’s product offerings.

We are pleased to have contributed to this important project and are proud of the effort we have put into it. We look forward to the next challenges that will allow us to continue our mission of helping companies better understand the

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